• Our Noodles

    We believe that great noodles start with great ingredients. That's why we use high-quality wheat flour sourced from Australia, boasting a protein content exceeding 12%. Our unique blend, combined with whole wheat flour, imparts a delightful elasticity to our noodles, ensuring they remain perfectly firm and chewy, even when immersed in savory broth.

  • Our Broths

    Our broths are the heart and soul of our dishes. Our Paitan (white broth) undergoes a slow simmering process of at least 8 hours, imbuing it with layers of depth and richness. Ingredients such as dried scallops are added during this process, elevating the broth to new heights of flavour. Similarly, our Chintan (clear broth) undergoes a minimum of 12 hours of simmering, prepared with a precise ratio of bonito fish stock, resulting in a delicate yet robust flavour profile.

  • Our Sauce

    The sauce is where magic happens – it's the soul of every bowl of noodles. We take pride in our secret recipe, crafted from over ten natural seafood ingredients, simmered to perfection. This meticulously prepared sauce ensures that each bowl of noodles maximally reflects the deliciousness of chicken and seafood, leaving you craving for more.